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Redifi is a Customer Experience Platform helping individuals and businesses of all types and sizes generate, create and capture more value through improving their interaction with their customers.


We took a piece of enterprise technology and made it super easy to use, so everybody can enjoy its benefits. It helps you get some of your key customer-centric jobs done with your eyes closed.

Redifi helps you generate more repeat business by using your WiFi to build your customer database and then letting you engage your past customers to deliver incentives and information about your venue via email.

Key facts

At Redifi, our mission is to focus your customers' attention fully on your business, and we're about helping you to promote your business effectively and affordably.

Redifi is an Australian family-owned business. We're your business-centric people putting the spotlight on your business at all times.

Things we do

  • We build a contact database which is exclusively yours.
  • We protect your customer's privacy as if it was our own.
  • We apply strict EU GDPR rules all around the world.
  • We provide Redifi with no lock-in contracts.
  • We focus all your customer attention to your business.

Things we don't do

  • We don't send spam.
  • We don't sell, send or show 3rd party advertisement.
  • We don't build a network of advertisement spaces.
  • We don't sell personal information captured in our database.
  • We don't offer our service for free (but we do have a free trial).
  • We don't integrate our login process with social networks.

We endeavour to do things measurably better.

Join us and see for yourself

So what can you do with Redifi?

Understand your customers.

Redifi allows you to acquire statistics, which help you to understand your visitors. Get to know who they are, how often they come and how long they stay and much more.

Engage your customers.

Use this understanding to fine-tune how Redifi communicates with your visitors. Stay in touch after your customers leave, ask for visitor feedback, then use knowledge to take action for continuous improvement.

Retain your customers.

Identify and Reward your outstanding customers with outstanding benefits. Motivate newcomers to become regulars, and see your venue thrive.

Promote your uniqueness.

Turn offering free WiFi into a loyalty programme and create a marketing machine to increase awareness of your products and services.

Redifi Logo

Do all of the above, and much more.

Redifi prompts customers connecting to your WiFi to log in using their contact details. the login screen will show your choice of an advertisement or special offer. It also gives the customers an opportunity to receive your newsletter and promotional material.

Redifi builds your customer database, provides you with analytics and engages them via email based on your instructions. Everything is highly automated and requires minimum attention.

Redifi comes with a free, no-obligation one month trial. We don't use lock-in contracts. Our monthly plans are based on your business size and needs.

Need more answers?

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If you have more questions, we'd like to offer a phone call discussion to help you evaluate Redifi before investing your time in it.

The phone call will give you

  • a pressure-free discussion about your needs
  • an understanding of how Redifi can help you
  • no obligations

Here's what you won't get

  • a pushy sales-person
  • a feeling like you're being sold something
  • a follow-up phone call

After the call

If after this call you think that we may be able to help you reach your goals, we'll schedule another call or meeting to discuss how can we get you started with Redifi, and how exactly can we help you improve your customer experience from the very beginning.

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